[Posted: December 19, 2016]
4th Grade Defeats Barr Reeve in Championship

From the desk of Michael Foster…..

The Loogootee 4th grade Lions went undefeated in a Round Robin Tourney on Dec 18th @ Loogootee High School. In the first game of the day we faced off with Evansville Reitz (Nolan). After being down by 9-3 at the end the first quarter the Lions took the lead for the rest of the game claiming a 31-28 victory! In the second game we claimed victory over Evansville Reitz (McClarney) with 28-19 win!  The victories set up a championship game with  Barr-Reeve. After being down 10-1 at the end of the first quarter and down 16-11 at the half, the team pulled together and took control, beating the Vikings 30-26! These boys have come a long way since we started in 2nd grade. They are growing as a team and really learning to depend on each other. We look forward to the rest of the season!


[Posted: November 10, 2015]
Lions Dominate HBA Fall League

All of our youth basketball teams performed well the past several weeks in the HBA Fall Basketball League.  Loogootee fielded two third grade teams, and one team in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  I like this league becuase it gives our teams a jump start on the school season which starts this week.  I thought our kids competed hard and represented their school/community in a postive way.  

We had 3 teams win championships.  The 4th grade went undefeated and won the 4th grade tournament.  The 5th grade went undefeated and won the5th/6th grade tournament, and the 7th grade won its post season tournament.  I’ve posted some pictures of the championship teams below.


[Posted: August 29, 2015]
Loogootee Basketball Club

Below is a copy of a letter sento home to all boys in grades 2-8.  I’m posting this in case your letter didn’t make it home.

Loogootee Basketball Club

August 27, 2015

Dear Parent,


I am excited to announce the formation of the Loogootee Basketball Club.  This organization is designed to provide opportunities for Loogootee boys in grades 2-8 to learn and grow in the game of basketball.  We will be forming teams at each grade level that will participate in Fall, Winter, and Spring leagues and tournaments.  The purpose of forming these teams is to provide additional opportunities for our players outside the regularly scheduled school sponsored season.


While the teams in the LBC will be organized and run by the Loogootee basketball program, the LBC is a self sufficient entity.  We will be responsible for all of our own uniforms, tournament/league fees, and transportation.  In most cases, when there is a school sponsored team at a particular grade level, the coach of that team will also coach the LBC team.  Skills, as well as offensive and defensive concepts taught in the LBC will be same things taught within the Loogootee basketball program.

There are no tryouts for the LBC.  Any boy who wants play is welcome to participate.  But, it is important to note that the purpose of the LBC is to supplement the playing experiences offered during the school sponsored season.  A child who wants to play on the school team does not have to play on a LBC team, but a child who wants to play on a LBC team must play on the school team when one is available at his grade level.  When the number of participants is large enough, we field more than one team at a particular grade level.  The cost to participate in the LBC is $50.

There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at 7pm in the cafeteria.  I will be available to explain the LBC in more detail as well as to answer any questions that you might have.  I have attached a registration form.   If your son would like to play, please fill it out and turn it into the middle school or elementary office by Friday September 4th.  Registrations will also be collected at the informational meeting on September 3rd.



Kent Chezem

Boys Basketball Coach

Loogootee High School


Loogootee Basketball Club


Name  _____________________________________________________  Grade  ___________

Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________

Cell Number  __________________________________________________________________

Email:  _______________________________________________________________________

Jersey Size (Circle One):  


YS (6-8)     YM (10-12)    YL (14-16)     Adult Small     Adult Medium     Adult Large      Adult XL

Y or N    I am interested in helping coach a Loogootee Basketball Club team


If “Yes” please leave your name, contact information, and best time to reach you  below.







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