[Posted: January 2, 2017]
7th Grade 1st Semester Round-Up

From the desk of Mark Potts….

The 7th grade boys started their practices in October.  They have been working very hard on their games as individuals and as a team.  From the time of our first practice to our last game of the first half of the season against Pike Central on December 19th, the 7th grade team has improved in many parts of the game.  Offensively they are starting to move the ball better and learning how to play with each other.  Defensively is where I have seen the biggest improvement.  Their help side defense is getting better and being able to help and recover.  To conclude the fist half of the season, the 7th grade Lions are 7-7.  We got off to a rough start to the season getting beat 3 of our first 4 games.  We lost to Barr Reeve, beat Shoals 33-15, lost to Forest Park 37-13, and lost to North Knox in a defensive battle 15-14.  After the North Knox game is where we started to turn the corner.  If you take the first 4 games out, we have went 6-4, with all the games being competitive and with a break here or there we could have won a couple more of those games.  We went on to defeat Northeast Dubois 35-20, Orleans 21-11, Washington 30-19, Oolitic 32-17, WC and Pike Central 50-16.  During that span we lost games to Jasper  in a very competitive game at Jasper 28-21, Bloomfield in a triple overtime thriller at Bloomfield 41-36, Tri-North out of Bloomington 47-36 after cutting the lead to 4 after being down 20 points in the 2nd quarter, and Springs Valley 40-35, where we had a 9 point lead in the 3 quarter.

If a couple of things go our way, we could very easily be 10-4.  The kids have worked their tails off and getting contributions from players that was not expected to begin the year.

Our catalysts this year have been Luke Nonte, John Whitworth, and Jacob Bowman,  In each of our 14 games, one of those 3 players have been our leading scorer.  Bowman is our presence inside and has improved on his post moves and shot.  From the beginning of the year until now, he has been more physical inside and has resulted in better games for him.  John Whitworth has improved his scoring from the beginning of the year.  He is  kncocing down the outside shot and well as taking the ball to the rim and scoring.   Luke Nonte is really good at finding his open teammates and a good scorer for us.  He is a player who is not afraid to get physical and be aggressive and has use that to create havoc for the opposing offense.  When he "keeps it simple", he is our most dangerous player not because he can score but that he can find the open guy and get other teammates points too.  Daylon Perkins has been a welcomed surprise this season.  He has a good jump shot and has knocked down some big shots for us, especially the 3 point bucket he made to send it to the 3rd overtime in Bloomfield.  Mason Roark has improved since the beginning of the season becoming more confident and more physical.  The last game against Pike Central was his best game by being more physical underneath and rebounding.  Ethan Graber gets in there and battles.  Many of the times he is undersized, guarding players bigger than him and has improved drastically on the defensive boards.  Wade Graber is our workhorse.  when he gets into the game, we know one thing for sure…he is going to REBOUND.  There have been many times he extends possessions for us on the offensive glass.  Trysten Stevens can knock down shots for us.  He is an accurate shooter from the field and free throw line and expect him to shoot more in the 2nd half of the season when he is in the game.  Sam Ausbrooks came in to year not playing in 5h and 6th grade basketball because he was home-schooled.  He by far has improved the most since the beginning of the year.  He will battle and get after the ball and will post hard and has improved on his fundamentals.  Hunter Lawburgh is our bull.  He is a physical basketball player and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  

I look for this grade to keep improving and look forward to see our record at the end of the year because I see good things happening with these kids!


[Posted: June 8, 2016]
7th Grade Schedule at Olney

Next year's 7th graders will be playing at Olney Community College in a shootout On Thursday, June 9th.  Their schedule is as follows:

Bus leaves LHS at 8:30 am.
Loogootee vs Paris Mayo  10:30am (Court 2)
Loogootee vs Paris Crestwood 11:15 am (Court 2)
Loogootee vs Raccoon 12:45 pm (Court 1)
Loogootee vs Flora 2:15 pm (Court 1)

**All times listed are Eastern time.

Players should bring money for lunch (Subway) and are encouraged to bring their own drinks.  There will be a concession stand at the gym.

[Posted: February 18, 2016]
7th Grade Wins HBA Tourney – February 14th

From The Desk of Mark Potts….

The 7th grade boys Basketball team went 2-0 ln pool play by defeating Barr-Reeve in their first game and Shakamak in game two.  The Lions won each game in pool play by double digits.  We came out a little rusty in the Barr Reeve game, as we had not played since the end of January.  It took the team most of the first half to get in the flow of things, and once we did they took off.  Against Shakamak we used our size and speed to come away with the victory.  After winning pool B, we had to play in a single elimination tourney.  With 4 teams left, opened up the tournament with a victory over Barr-Reeve.  The win moved us into the championship game against Evansville Central.  Evansville Central played an aggressive game, trapping on defense, pressing, and pushing the ball up the floor.  We went into the second half trailing 20-21.  "In the first half, we let their play dictate how we played.  We started rushing things, not getting back on defense, and we didn't play the way we normally do. "  The Lions turned the tables in the second half.  We did a great job of getting the ball in the middle of the floor and not letting their defense determine how we play.  We got several lay ups out of the press and hit some outside shots from good penetration and kicks which prevailed us to get the double digit win.  The 7th grade, including this tournament and season, move to 29-1 on the year!



[Posted: February 16, 2016]
7th Grade Round- Up

From The Desk of Mark Potts…

7th Loses Buzzer-Beater to Bedford
The 7th grade boys basketball team lost their first game of the year on a last second 3 pointer at Bedford Middle School.  We jumped out to a quick lead ending the first quarter with a 12-4 lead.  Jalen Wildman started out hot in the quarter leading the way with 7 points and Levi Pendley chipped in with 5.  The tide turned in the 2nd and 3rd quarter as Linons went ice cold from outside and inside.  We scored 2 points in the 2nd and 0 in the 3rd but our defense kept us in the game as we only allowed Bedord to score 4, 4, and 5 points in the first 3 quarters.  For the 4th quarter, we continued our cold shooting for the first 4 minutes and were down 6 points with around 1:45 in the game.  The 7th grade fought back to take a 1 point lead with 10 seconds left in the game by good penetration and dump offs along with some clutch free throw shooting.  We had a foul to give and fouled around the half court line with a little over 4 seconds left.  Bedford inbounded the ball, kicked to their post player, who buried a 3 pointer as time expired to win the ball game 26-24.   "Defensively, we did everything I asked of them.  We made Bedford inbound behind half court, got the ball out of their best players hands and made them take a difficult shot.  The ball just went in the basket."  For me, many good things came from this game that I saw.  Defensively, except for 1 or 2 possessions they played great.  When it came down to crunch time, they hit free throws (10-11).  They fought back when things seemed to be getting out of hand to take a lead with 10 seconds left.  "This group showed, even though they lost this game, they can win on any given night just based on defense, which is a deadly weapon to have because the offense is not going to be there every single game.  Great teams can rely on defense to win games, tough games, and down the road, sectional championship games.  "I am very proud of the way the team fought, never quit, and made clutch free throws. It just wasn't meant to be." The lose moves the 7th grade to 24-1.
7th grade Wins Last Season Game of the Year
 The 7th grade bounced back from their first loss of the year to beat the North Daviess Cougars 37-15.  Defensively, we played great in the first half (also playing with a little anger from the last game).  After the fist quarter, we jumped out to an 18-0 lead and never looked back.  Levi Pendley led the way with 14 points, followed by Silas Bauer with 10 points, Jalen Wildman chipped in with 5 followed by his brother Jordan with 4, and chipping in 2 points each was Bryant Eckerle and Jace Walton. 



[Posted: January 15, 2016]
7th Grade Defeats Wood Memorial

From the Desk of Mark Potts….

​Loogootee 7th vs. Wood Memorial
We were able to jump out to a quick lead by getting some steals on our press and finding the open man on the fast break.  In the first quarter, each of the starting five was able to contribute in the scoring column as we took a 19-2 lead.  In the second quarter we were slow to rotate in our man to man defense as we gave up a few outside buckets, but still ended the half with a 27-10 lead.  Our 3rd quarter was our best defensive quarter all year.  We played half court man to man and allowed 0 points.  We did a good job of rotating and closing out, along with Silas Bauer, Bryant Eckerle, Jace Walton, and Seth Gillick doing a good job on the defensive glass.  We would end the game with a 52-16 victory as our defense and ball movement were keys.  Our team would end the night with 15 assists.  Jordan Wildman had his best game of they year as he ended the night with 14 points and 6 assists.  Pendley would also end the night with 14 points and had 5 assists.  Silas Bauer finished with 10 points 4 rebounds and 4 steals , Bryant Eckerle had 9, Austin Brittian chipped in 3 and Jalen Widman finished with a bucket and 4 steals.  Seth Gillick did not score but did come in and grab 4 rebounds.  Including two tournaments, it moves the 7th grade record to 20-0.  




[Posted: January 14, 2016]
7th Grade Wins Hoosier Hardwood Challenge

From The Desk of Mark Potts…

Game 1 vs Evansville Central
We were able to get off to a very good start for being off 3 weeks since our last game and having to deal with a few injuries.   Jalen Wildman hit a couple of outside shots  along with Jace Walton.  After the first 4 minutes of the game, the rust started to show.  We looked sloppy on offense and defense was missing assignments as Central made a push back at us to take the lead 22-19 at half.  To start the 2nd half we made an effort to get the ball inside to Silas Bauer and he scored 12 of his 16 points in the half.  Our defense stepped up in the second half as we held them to only 9 points as Levi Pendley did a great job of holding down their best player.  We ended up winning 35-31 with Bauer leading the way with 16 points, Jalen Wildman with 9, Walton and Pendley each had 4 and Jordan Wildman chipped in 2 points.    
Game 2 vs North Knox:
We played a 2-3 zone to try and save some energy. For the most part we did a good job of rotating but in the 2nd half we lost their shooters and they were able to knock down some threes to keep it close.  Bauer and Pendley led the charge for us in the first half as Bauer scored 9 points and Pendley had 7 in the first half as we did a good job of getting to the basket.  We had to deal with another injury in the game as Jalen Wildman on a fast break came down awkwardly and would miss the rest of the game and most of the next game.  Austin Brittian and Seth Gillick did a good job of stepping in and filling in their roles!  In the 2nd half our penetration would prove to be the deciding factor and Pendley and Jordan Wildman were able to get to the bucket, score, or dish out an assist.  7th grade won 45-32.  On the game, Pendley led the charge with 17 points, Bauer had 11, Jordan Wildman and Jace Walton with 5, Austin Brittian 4, and Bryant Eckerle with 3.  
Championship game vs Evansville Central:
Jordan Wildman came out firing in the first half as he made two 3's very early on as it helped us take a quick lead once again against Central.  Central once again would come charging back as foul trouble and missed defensive assignments allowed them to cut the lead to 1 at halftime, 19-18.  To start the 2nd half, we came out looking tired and beaten down as they were able to shred our defense and take an 11 point lead with 6 minutes to go.  We were able to fight back and take the 2 point lead with a minute to go due to our press and defensive pressure, along with Jalen Wildman coming back in from being injured to knock down some threes for us.  His performance in the 2nd half was just what we needed.  Walton and Pendley also did a great job of hitting some outside shots and getting to the free throw line to help us back in the game, along with Bauer's offensive rebounding.  With 40 seconds left, Central would come down and tied the game, as we would run the clock down the 13 seconds and call time out.  We set up a play but with Central's pressure, the play broke down and the team did a great job of making something out of nothing.  Pendley was able to find the open man on the block, Walton as he layed the ball in with 4 seconds left.  Walton was also the person who stole the in-bounds pass and made his two free throws to seal the game, as we ended up winning 49-45.   The Wildman twins both ended with 9 points each, Bauer had 8, Eckerle finished with 5, Pendley with 10, and Walton had 7.  
"Our kids showed in the championship game they have the will to win and refuse to lose.  Once they slowed up and realized they couldn't make 11 points up in 1 play, they went to battle.  It took a total team effort and I couldn't be more proud of this team.  Going through these experiences, will only help them down the road when they get to high school level games.  It was a gutsy performance from everyone to dig deep and find another switch when they were tired after playing 3 games in 4 hours with having a couple kids down due to injuries.  This is a special group of kids who just want to win, not caring who gets the stats and that is hard to find! Great win!"



[Posted: November 23, 2015]
7th Grade Wins North Daviess Tournament

Coach Mark Potts and the 7th grade Lions traveled to North Daviess for a tournament on Saturday and brought home the championship.  While final scores and statistics were not available for the first two games, Coach Potts reports that the Lions used the the same balanced scoring attack in game one vs North Daviess that we have been accustomed to seeing out of this group.  In game two the Lions beat the Linton Miners.  Coach Potts commended the defense of Levi Pendley and the scorying of Silas Bauer and Bryant Eckerle.

Wins in the first two rounds set a up a championship game against rival Barr Reeve. Loogootee led by double figures for much of the second half but settled for a 56-47 championship victory.  Silas Bauer had his best game of the year totaling 23 point and 9 rebounds.  Pendley hit some cluch free throws down the stretch and finished with 12 points. Jalen Wildman hit several outside shots as he tallied 12 points, his brother Jordan chipped in with 8 points of his own. Coach Potts noted that a key part of the game was when Jace Walton and Seth Blackwell stepped up to the challenge as the Lions had to fight off some foul trouble.

Congratulations to the 7th grade as they remain undefeated on the year.



[Posted: November 20, 2015]
JH Brings Home Two Road Wins

The 7th and 8th grade basketball teams traveled to North Knox on Thursday night and brought home "W's".  Coach Potts and Coach Hawkins report great team efforts from both squads.

In the 7th grade game the young Lions got off to another quick start thanks in part to Silas Bauer and Bryant Eckerle's work inside.  The lions led 18-7 after the first quarter and and bumped that up to 34-18 at half.  Coach Pott said the offensive explosion in the first half was the result of great overall team ball movement and the Lions guards ability to penetrate and dump the ball off to the post players.  Eckerle and Basuer dominated the glass for most of the evening.  The team turned in another balanced night in the scoring column with Bauer leading the way with 14 points.  Jordan Wildman and Levi Pendley finished in double figures with 13 and 10 points.  Jalen Wildman scored 8, Bryant Eckerle 6, Jace Walton 4, and Austin Brittain 2.  The victory moves the 7th grade's record to 4-0.

The 8th grade unfortunately didn't enjoy the quick start in their game like the 7th grade did.  Coach Hawkins' team struggled early.  8 first half turnovers and a lack of defensive intensity being the two main issues.  Coach Hawkins got things straightened out at halftime and after only leading 16-11 at intermission, the Lions outscored the Warriors by 12 in the second half to post the victory by a final score of 45-28.  The second half turnaround was credited to a concerted effort to battle the taller North Knox squad in the paint and chase down loose balls on the defensive end of the floor, while limiting turnovers on the offensive end of the floor.  The Lions were led in scoring by Landon Harder and Sebastian Toy who scored 13 and 11 points.  Alex Bowling added 7 points.  The victory makes 3 in a row for the 8th grade and improves their record to 3-1 on the season.



[Posted: November 17, 2015]
Lions Run Away From Forest Park

The 7th and 8th grade hosted Forest Park in JBA on Monday evening.  Both teams posted impressive victories  against two pretty tall and athletic Forest Park teams.  Loogootee's overall team speed and skill were definitely the deciding factors in both games.

In the 8th grade game the Lions fell behind early.  In fact, the visiting Rangers led 17-10 at one point in the 2nd quarter and were threatening to runaway with the game.  THe Lions hung in there and  picked up the defensive intensity.  After forcing a few Ranger turnovers they were able to get a couple of lay-us and a 3 pointer to tie the game at 17.  Neither team scored in the final minute of the half and the score remained tied at halftime.  Loogootee continued to assault the visiting Rangers  with the full court press in the 2nd half which allowed them to take control of the game.  The press got the offense rolling and the 8th grade scored an impressive 26 second half points to come away with a 43-36 victory.

The Lions had several players enter the scoring column.  They were led by Landon Harder's 11 ponts.  Sebastion Toy also hit double figures with 10.  Christopher Jones added 7. The 8th grade improved their record to 2-1.

In the 7th grade game the Lions raced up and down the court enroute to a 17-5 first quarter lead.  They were able to extend that lead to 29-8 at halftime.  Most of the early damage started with the defensive pressure of the Lions.  This defensive intensity allowe the home team to create many turnovers which in turn led to quality scoring opportunities.  Bryant Eckerle and Levi Pendley jump stared the Lions offense with several early baskets. Loogootee's ball movement was particulary impressive in the first half.

Jalen Wildman led the offense with 13 points, Pendley finished with 12, Eckerle with 9, and Jase Walton scored 7.  

Both teams are in action again on Thursday when they travel to North Knox.



[Posted: November 15, 2015]
7th and 8th Grade Sweep Shoals

The 7th and 8th grade teams traveled to Shoals on Saturday morning and came away with a couple of impressive victories.

The 7th grade jumped out to an early 18-7 lead at the end of the first quarter and increased that lead to 33-11 at intermission.  It was more of the same for the Lions in the second half as they finished the game on top 60-24.  The Lions had three players in double figures led by Silas Bauer's 15 points.  Levi Pendley and Jordan Wildman  both finished with 11 points.  The 7th grade was once again balanced in the scoring column as Jalen Wildman had 7 points, Jace Walton and Seth Blackwell 5 points, Bryant Eckerle scored 4 and Austin Britain chipped in with 2. Coach Pott commented, "Our kids played hard all game, especially Austin Britain.  Austin came off the bench and and really sparked us with his effort."  He went on to say, "I was impressed that we had 15 assists as a team.  We need to continue to work on our defense and our ability to contain the dribble."

The 8th grade evened their record on the season to 1-1 with a 43-24 victory.  The Lions jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter, but seemed to struggle to score in the 2nd period.  They took a narrow 1 pont lead into the lockeroom at halftime.  Coach Hawkins employed a full court press in the third quarter which proved to be just the perfect perscription for the ailing Lions offense.  The defensive pressure created numerous Shoals turnovers and subsequent scoring opportunities for the visitors.  The Lions cruised in the second have to post the 19 point victory. Landon Harder and Connor Hedrick led a balanced scoring attack for Loogootee as they both tallied 9 points in the victory.

The 7th and 8th grade will be in action again Monday evening when the Forest Park Rangers visit JBA.



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