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Date Time Opponent Location Lions Opp. W/L
11/26/1610:30amIrvington PrepHome5850Won
11/26/1608:00pmRock Creek AcademyHome6960Won
12/02/1608:00pmWood MemorialAway4668Lost
12/03/1607:30pmVincennes RivetHome5745Won
12/09/1607:30pmForest ParkHome4945Won
12/13/1607:30pmSouth KnoxAway
12/17/1607:30pmSprings ValleyHome
12/27/1612:30pmWatseka, ILAway
12/27/1607:30pmNorth VermillionAway
12/28/1606:00pmFisher, ILAway
12/29/1612:35pmHeritage/Bismark TournamentTBAAway
01/06/1702:10pmNorth DaviessAway
01/14/1707:30pmBarr ReeveAway
01/27/1707:30pmWhite River ValleyHome
02/14/1707:30pmWashington CatholicHome
02/17/1702:05pmNortheast DuboisAway
02/23/1707:00pmNorth KnoxHome
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May 2017
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[Posted: May 24, 2017]
North Posey Tournament

This is a "varsity only" tournament for us.  Information on the tournament is listed below.

Pool A- North Posey, LOOGOOTEE, Olney (IL)
Pool B- Washington, Wood Memorial, Evansville Reitz
Pool C- Tecumseh, South Knox, Evansville North

9am (CST)- Loogootee vs North Posey (Main Gym)
12 pm (CST)- Loogootee vs Olney, IL (Aux Gym)
Single Elimination Tournament begins at 2 pm.

Games are played in 18 min halfs.  (Running Clock)

Admission: Adults $3  Students $2.  Admission is good for all day.

Here is a link to all of the tournament information:  http://www.northposeybasketball.com/2017-north-posey-summer-shootout.html 


[Posted: May 02, 2017]
Tentative Summer Basketball Schedule

This schedule has yet to be approved by the school board.  I'm going to post it as our "tentative schedule" that is subject to change, but many parents are trying to make summer plans.  Hopefully this will give parents an idea what summer basketball will look like this year.

I should have more information and registration forms for D-1 Basketball camp next week.

Summer Camp

Next year’s 1st-3rd  May 30, 31, June 1 and June 5  12:30-2pm JBA

Next years 4th-6th June 6-9  12:30-2pm JBA

Cost $20


Breakfast Club
7:15 am- 8:45 am  M-F JBA  (Starting May 30 through June 30, July 17,21 … July 18-20 in Lee’s)


3rd and 4th grade Open Gym   
12:30-1:45 pm JBA  June 16, 23 30


5th-6th grade Open Gym
12:30-2pm JBA   June 14, 19, 21, 26, 28


7th-9th grade practice
2-3:30 pm JBA  MWF (Starting May 30 through June 30)
Weight Room 3:30-4:15pm


9-12 grade practice
3:30-5pm JBA MWF (Starting May 30-through June 30)
Weight Room 5-6 pm


June 2  Varsity only at N. Posey
June 9-10 Varsity/JV @ Indiana Wesleyan (leave Fri evening after practice)
June 12  7th/8th @ Vincennes Lincoln (all day… done by 4pm)
June 12  Varsity/JV @ North Daviess (Game Times (6pm/7pm)
June 17 Varsity/JV @ Linton (all day)
June 30-July 1  7th-Varsity @ D-1 Team Camp (leave Friday morning) Cost $190/Player)

[Posted: April 06, 2017]
You Don’t Have Time?

“I just don’t  have time.”  I hear people use that excuse quite often.  I call it an excuse because when somebody says they don’t have time, what they really mean is, “that is not a priority for me” or “I’m kind of lazy and I really don’t want to work that hard.”

Each of us is allotted 24 hours each day.  We get to choose what we do with those hours.  You can choose to burn precious parts of your day playing games on your phone, on  social media, or randomly surfing funny YouTube videos.  What you do with your time is your choice, and remember it is not a shortage of hours in the day that keeps us from achieving our dreams.  Rather it is a lack of passion and focus that are the real problems. Successful people will always “make time” for the things in their lives that they are truly passionate about.

I regularly have players tell me  that they want to play college basketball.  But, if one of those players also tells me that he doesn’t have time to get up an extra 200-300 shots a day, then I know he just doesn’t want it bad enough.  It is a fact that less than 3% of high school basketball players receive any type of athletic scholarship.  If a kid wants to play college basketball, he has to be willing to do what others aren’t.   Making 500 shots a day would certainly be a great place to start and would immediately put that player ahead of 99% of his competition.

My challenge to you is to evaluate how you spend each 24 hour day, and then strive to become more efficient in how you use your time.  Successful people are able to get more out of their 24 hour than their competition.



[Posted: March 30, 2017]
7 Off Season Mistakes

“Basketball players are made in the off season.”  As I was growing up, I heard that quote so many times that I’m not even sure where I heard it first.  Maybe it was my Dad who coached for many years, or maybe I heard it at one of the many basketball camps I attended during my youth.  I guess it doesn’t really matter where I heard it first, but the important thing is that the quote has stuck with me for my entire playing and coaching career.

As we head into the off season, I thought I would share some common mistakes that players make in the off season.

  1. Practicing Only During Workouts Organized By The Coach
    Since the IHSAA opened up the summer for team workouts, I think we have seen far  fewer kids work on their game by themselves.  Most kids show up for team workouts, but depending on the coach/school those workouts are often inadequate when it comes  to individual player development.  If a player is really serious about improving his game, he needs to work on his skills outside of designated practice time.

  2. Practicing the wrong skills
    These days it seems like everyone wants to make a buck as a basketball skills trainer.   A quick search of the internet and you can find literally 100s of new drills.  The problem with many of these drills is that many are what I call “clown drills.”  They aren’t really  basketball drills, they are more like circus tricks.  Players need to work on game  specific drills that will have direct carry over toward improved performance on the floor.

  3. Inconsistent workouts
     One of my favorite quotes is, “most people give up what they want most for what They want now.” If a player truly wants to change his game in the offseason he will  have to make it a priority. There will be many distractions over the course of an off  season and every time one of those distractions gets in the way it becomes a set back.  As those setbacks mount up it becomes impossible to ever arrive at one’s intended destination.

  4. Working Out Without A Plan
     It is important to have a plan before working out.  You must have a point of emphasis  for that day,  Don’t say  the you will be working on “everything.”  In my opinion if you  are working on everything you are perfecting nothing.  Chose to perfect the parts of  your game that will have the most positive impact for your team and your performance.

  5. Working Only On Weaknesses
    Players spend too much time working on their weaknesses.  Sounds like a crazy  statement at first but when you think about it, many players spend a lot of time working on skills that they will never use in a game.  A 5’10” high school point guard in all  likelihood does not possess a quality low post game. He can spend all summer perfecting his post moves, but how much of an impact will that have for his team? I think players are better served honing 1 or 2 stills that become real strengths- the cornerstones on their game.  Then as they continue to perfect those skills, while also  spending some time adding more pieces to their game.  

  6. Not Recording  Workouts
     Recording workouts is just as important as planning workouts.  I think keeping a journal of past  workouts is a real motivator and confidence builder.  Being able to look back and see what one had done also helps determine what  should be included in future workouts.  A player should strive to constantly to improve and by tracking his results in the weight room, or on court he should be able to chart improvement.

  7. Spending Too Much Time In The Gym
    It doesn’t take 8 hours a day in the gym to make significant improvement.  In fact, I  would  argue that spending 8 hours a day is actually counter productive.  We have a saying in our program… “Game shots, at game spots, at game speed.”  Practice is supposed to make you better for the games.  I think a player is wasting his time if he  isn’t practicing the things he is going to do in a game at the speed he will be required to perform them in the game.  It is impossible to work for 8 hours at a time at game  speed.  I think a good rule of thumb is to limit individual on court workouts to 1 hour-  1 hour 15 minutes.  Weight room workouts should last 45 min to 1 hour.

[Posted: March 23, 2017]
Does Your Work Ethic Match Your Goals?

I often hear parents tell their kids, “You can do anything you want to do in life, or…. You can be anything you want to be.”  I agree with these sentiments.  I don’t think placing an artificial ceiling on how successful a young person can be is something that is productive.  Besides, why would a parent, educator, or coach ever think they know the true potential of a child?

It is certainly healthy to dream and to have goals, and quite frankly, I don’t think there is a shortage on “dreamers” in this world.  But, I do think there is a shortage of people whose work ethic matches their goals. Think in basketball terms… there is absolutely no shortage of high school players who say they want to win a state championship, be all conference, or play college basketball.  BUT, how many of them actually put in the effort to accomplish those goals?  I realize that I’m “old school” but the phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind.  Everyone says what they want to do, but how many are actually doing everything it takes to achieve their goals.

I think parents (as well as educators and coaches) have the responsibility to encourage our youth to dream big.   But in my opinion, dreaming big without a matching work ethic is just wasted time.  Young people need to realize that everybody wants to be successful, but not everyone deserves to be successful.   I believe that getting kids to buy into the concept of “deserving success” instead of just  “wanting success” is a key factor in them achieving their goals.  Enlisting to this philosophy empowers our youth.  It lets them know that they, and nobody else in this world, should determine their success.

So the next time you are encouraging your child to dream big, make sure you explain the difference between “wanting success” and “deserving success.”  You will be giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.


[Posted: March 21, 2017]
Collins To Play In HBCA All Star Game

Tye Collins has been chosen to play in the HBCA All Star Game.  The game will be held at Bloomington North HS on Sunday, April 2nd. The girls game tips off at 2:15 pm with the boys game to follow at 4 pm.  Tickets are $6 and can be purchased at the door.

Tye Collins Dunk

[Posted: February 22, 2017]
Freshmen Finish 10-3

From the desk of Noah Callahan…

The Loogootee Freshman completed their season with a 42-35 victory at Shoals.  The Lions (10-3) used a balanced attack offensively to defeat the Jug Rox.  Nathaniel Hart and Conner Hedrick each led with 8 points.  Alex Bowling contributed 7, while Max Blackwell and Sebastian Toy each had 6.  Nathan Seals had 4, and Chris Jones 3 to round out the scoring.  Hart led with 4 rebounds followed by Jones with 3.  These kids have been a joy to coach this year, they work hard, and I'm excited to see them continue to develop over the next couple of years.

[Posted: February 07, 2017]
Freshmen move to 8-3

From the desk of Noah Callahan…
The Loogootee Freshman defeated Mitchell in overtime 28-26 to improve to 8-3 on the season. The Lions used a very balanced scoring attack with seven different in the scoring column. Conner Hedrick led with 8 points, followed by Max Blackwell, Nathaniel Hart, Chris Jones, and Sebastian Toy all with 4. Alex Bowling and Logan Jacobs each contributed 2 points. Max Blackwell led in rebounds with 6, while Toy (4) and Jones (3) followed. Hart led with 4 assists. We were lucky to escape with a victory tonight, but just like all year these kids have found a way to close out a game. I was proud how they responded in the 4th quarter and OT after we let our lead slip away in the 3rd.

[Posted: January 24, 2017]
Freshman Round-Up

From the desk of Noah Callahan….


The Loogootee Freshman (5-3) dropped a home contest to Linton 36-23.  The Lions were led in scoring by Max Blackwell and Nathaniel Hart with 6 a piece.  Conner Hedrick had 5, whileLogan Jacobs, Chris Jones, and Sebastian Toy all had 2.  Hedrick led with 9 rebounds followed by Hart, Jones, and Toy with 4 each

Wood Memorial

The Loogootee Freshman (6-3) traveled to Wood Memorial and came away with a 34-23 victory.  The Lions used the middle two quarters to build there lead, outscoring Wood 24-11.  Nathaniel Hart led the scoring attack with 12.  Sebastian Toy knocked in 8, followed by Conner Hedrick with 5.  Logan Jacobs (4), Max Blackwell (3), and Chris Jones (2) rounded out the scoring.  Toy led with 7 rebounds followed by Hart and Jacobs with 5.  Hedrick and Blackwell each contributed 3 rebounds.

[Posted: January 20, 2017]
Freshman Team Wins At South Knox

From the desk of Noah Callahan….

The Loogootee Freshman boys traveled to South Knox for a BCC contest and came home with a 34-29 victory.  The Lions (5-2) used balance scoring in the win with Nathaniel Hart leading with 9.  Max Blackwell and Conner Hedrick each had 8.  Chris Jones tallied 7, while Logan Jacobs had 2.  Blackwell led with 5 rebounds followed by Hart with 4.  The Lions used a strong effort from the  FT line, including a 9-10 effort in the 4th quarter, to secure the victory.

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