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Date Time Opponent Location Lions Opp. W/L
11/26/1610:30amIrvington PrepHome5850Won
11/26/1608:00pmRock Creek AcademyHome6960Won
12/02/1608:00pmWood MemorialAway4668Lost
12/03/1607:30pmVincennes RivetHome5745Won
12/09/1607:30pmForest ParkHome4945Won
12/13/1607:30pmSouth KnoxAway
12/17/1607:30pmSprings ValleyHome
12/27/1612:30pmWatseka, ILAway
12/27/1607:30pmNorth VermillionAway
12/28/1606:00pmFisher, ILAway
12/29/1612:35pmHeritage/Bismark TournamentTBAAway
01/06/1702:10pmNorth DaviessAway
01/14/1707:30pmBarr ReeveAway
01/27/1707:30pmWhite River ValleyHome
02/14/1707:30pmWashington CatholicHome
02/17/1702:05pmNortheast DuboisAway
02/23/1707:00pmNorth KnoxHome
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[Posted: March 23, 2017]
Does Your Work Ethic Match Your Goals?

I often hear parents tell their kids, “You can do anything you want to do in life, or…. You can be anything you want to be.”  I agree with these sentiments.  I don’t think placing an artificial ceiling on how successful a young person can be is something that is productive.  Besides, why would a parent, educator, or coach ever think they know the true potential of a child?

It is certainly healthy to dream and to have goals, and quite frankly, I don’t think there is a shortage on “dreamers” in this world.  But, I do think there is a shortage of people whose work ethic matches their goals. Think in basketball terms… there is absolutely no shortage of high school players who say they want to win a state championship, be all conference, or play college basketball.  BUT, how many of them actually put in the effort to accomplish those goals?  I realize that I’m “old school” but the phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind.  Everyone says what they want to do, but how many are actually doing everything it takes to achieve their goals.

I think parents (as well as educators and coaches) have the responsibility to encourage our youth to dream big.   But in my opinion, dreaming big without a matching work ethic is just wasted time.  Young people need to realize that everybody wants to be successful, but not everyone deserves to be successful.   I believe that getting kids to buy into the concept of “deserving success” instead of just  “wanting success” is a key factor in them achieving their goals.  Enlisting to this philosophy empowers our youth.  It lets them know that they, and nobody else in this world, should determine their success.

So the next time you are encouraging your child to dream big, make sure you explain the difference between “wanting success” and “deserving success.”  You will be giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.


[Posted: March 21, 2017]
Collins To Play In HBCA All Star Game

Tye Collins has been chosen to play in the HBCA All Star Game.  The game will be held at Bloomington North HS on Sunday, April 2nd. The girls game tips off at 2:15 pm with the boys game to follow at 4 pm.  Tickets are $6 and can be purchased at the door.

Tye Collins Dunk

[Posted: February 22, 2017]
Freshmen Finish 10-3

From the desk of Noah Callahan…

The Loogootee Freshman completed their season with a 42-35 victory at Shoals.  The Lions (10-3) used a balanced attack offensively to defeat the Jug Rox.  Nathaniel Hart and Conner Hedrick each led with 8 points.  Alex Bowling contributed 7, while Max Blackwell and Sebastian Toy each had 6.  Nathan Seals had 4, and Chris Jones 3 to round out the scoring.  Hart led with 4 rebounds followed by Jones with 3.  These kids have been a joy to coach this year, they work hard, and I'm excited to see them continue to develop over the next couple of years.

[Posted: February 07, 2017]
Freshmen move to 8-3

From the desk of Noah Callahan…
The Loogootee Freshman defeated Mitchell in overtime 28-26 to improve to 8-3 on the season. The Lions used a very balanced scoring attack with seven different in the scoring column. Conner Hedrick led with 8 points, followed by Max Blackwell, Nathaniel Hart, Chris Jones, and Sebastian Toy all with 4. Alex Bowling and Logan Jacobs each contributed 2 points. Max Blackwell led in rebounds with 6, while Toy (4) and Jones (3) followed. Hart led with 4 assists. We were lucky to escape with a victory tonight, but just like all year these kids have found a way to close out a game. I was proud how they responded in the 4th quarter and OT after we let our lead slip away in the 3rd.

[Posted: January 24, 2017]
Freshman Round-Up

From the desk of Noah Callahan….


The Loogootee Freshman (5-3) dropped a home contest to Linton 36-23.  The Lions were led in scoring by Max Blackwell and Nathaniel Hart with 6 a piece.  Conner Hedrick had 5, whileLogan Jacobs, Chris Jones, and Sebastian Toy all had 2.  Hedrick led with 9 rebounds followed by Hart, Jones, and Toy with 4 each

Wood Memorial

The Loogootee Freshman (6-3) traveled to Wood Memorial and came away with a 34-23 victory.  The Lions used the middle two quarters to build there lead, outscoring Wood 24-11.  Nathaniel Hart led the scoring attack with 12.  Sebastian Toy knocked in 8, followed by Conner Hedrick with 5.  Logan Jacobs (4), Max Blackwell (3), and Chris Jones (2) rounded out the scoring.  Toy led with 7 rebounds followed by Hart and Jacobs with 5.  Hedrick and Blackwell each contributed 3 rebounds.

[Posted: January 20, 2017]
Freshman Team Wins At South Knox

From the desk of Noah Callahan….

The Loogootee Freshman boys traveled to South Knox for a BCC contest and came home with a 34-29 victory.  The Lions (5-2) used balance scoring in the win with Nathaniel Hart leading with 9.  Max Blackwell and Conner Hedrick each had 8.  Chris Jones tallied 7, while Logan Jacobs had 2.  Blackwell led with 5 rebounds followed by Hart with 4.  The Lions used a strong effort from the  FT line, including a 9-10 effort in the 4th quarter, to secure the victory.

[Posted: January 04, 2017]
9th Grade Defeats Barr Reeve

From the desk of Noah Callahan….

The Loogootee Freshman improved to 4-2 with a 40-37 victory at Barr-Reeve.  The Lions used their defense and ability to get to the rim to open up a 24-9 halftime lead.  Barr-Reeve made a run getting within one in the fourth, but the Lions were able to hold on to get the victory.  Nathaniel Hart (13) and Chris Jones (12) led the scoring attack.  Max Blackwell knocked in 7, while Conner Hedrick and Logan Jacobs each tallied 4.  Hedrick led with 7 rebounds followed by Blackwell with 5.   I was excited for our guys tonight.  We were able to get off to a fast start by sharing the basketball, and getting some really good looks inside.  We got a little rattled late when they made their run, but kept our composure to hit 4 big FT's down the stretch to keep the pressure on them.

[Posted: January 04, 2017]
5th and 6th Grade Continue To Roll

From the desk of Jeff Bledsoe….

Loogootee 5/6 open 2017 with back to back road wins over Jasper and Springs Valley

Loogootee 6A/B traveled to Jasper and came away with a 43-20 victory.  Despite not playing any games for two weeks over the Holiday, 6th grade shot nearly 50% overall from the field. Peyton Bledsoe led the way with 22 followed by Isaac Eagle with 9.

The 6B game was much of the same with a decisive 34-9 victory.  Conner Swartzentruber led a balanced attack with 9.  

Loogootee 5th traveled to Springs Valley jumping out to a 22-6 lead led by Reis Whitney's 14 first half points (6-6 FT's)  5th Grade dominated the 2nd half as well holding the Blackhawks to 5 points the last 3 quarters of play.  Reis Whitney finished with 16 and 8 rebounds followed by Isaac Waggner with 7.

Loogootee 6th Grade jumped out to a 23-2 first quarter lead before coming away with 55-19 victory on 18 assists as a team.  Peyton Bledsoe had 16 and Isaac Eagle contributed 12.  Nearly everyone scored in both victories on the night.

[Posted: January 02, 2017]
7th Grade 1st Semester Round-Up

From the desk of Mark Potts….

The 7th grade boys started their practices in October.  They have been working very hard on their games as individuals and as a team.  From the time of our first practice to our last game of the first half of the season against Pike Central on December 19th, the 7th grade team has improved in many parts of the game.  Offensively they are starting to move the ball better and learning how to play with each other.  Defensively is where I have seen the biggest improvement.  Their help side defense is getting better and being able to help and recover.  To conclude the fist half of the season, the 7th grade Lions are 7-7.  We got off to a rough start to the season getting beat 3 of our first 4 games.  We lost to Barr Reeve, beat Shoals 33-15, lost to Forest Park 37-13, and lost to North Knox in a defensive battle 15-14.  After the North Knox game is where we started to turn the corner.  If you take the first 4 games out, we have went 6-4, with all the games being competitive and with a break here or there we could have won a couple more of those games.  We went on to defeat Northeast Dubois 35-20, Orleans 21-11, Washington 30-19, Oolitic 32-17, WC and Pike Central 50-16.  During that span we lost games to Jasper  in a very competitive game at Jasper 28-21, Bloomfield in a triple overtime thriller at Bloomfield 41-36, Tri-North out of Bloomington 47-36 after cutting the lead to 4 after being down 20 points in the 2nd quarter, and Springs Valley 40-35, where we had a 9 point lead in the 3 quarter.

If a couple of things go our way, we could very easily be 10-4.  The kids have worked their tails off and getting contributions from players that was not expected to begin the year.

Our catalysts this year have been Luke Nonte, John Whitworth, and Jacob Bowman,  In each of our 14 games, one of those 3 players have been our leading scorer.  Bowman is our presence inside and has improved on his post moves and shot.  From the beginning of the year until now, he has been more physical inside and has resulted in better games for him.  John Whitworth has improved his scoring from the beginning of the year.  He is  kncocing down the outside shot and well as taking the ball to the rim and scoring.   Luke Nonte is really good at finding his open teammates and a good scorer for us.  He is a player who is not afraid to get physical and be aggressive and has use that to create havoc for the opposing offense.  When he "keeps it simple", he is our most dangerous player not because he can score but that he can find the open guy and get other teammates points too.  Daylon Perkins has been a welcomed surprise this season.  He has a good jump shot and has knocked down some big shots for us, especially the 3 point bucket he made to send it to the 3rd overtime in Bloomfield.  Mason Roark has improved since the beginning of the season becoming more confident and more physical.  The last game against Pike Central was his best game by being more physical underneath and rebounding.  Ethan Graber gets in there and battles.  Many of the times he is undersized, guarding players bigger than him and has improved drastically on the defensive boards.  Wade Graber is our workhorse.  when he gets into the game, we know one thing for sure…he is going to REBOUND.  There have been many times he extends possessions for us on the offensive glass.  Trysten Stevens can knock down shots for us.  He is an accurate shooter from the field and free throw line and expect him to shoot more in the 2nd half of the season when he is in the game.  Sam Ausbrooks came in to year not playing in 5h and 6th grade basketball because he was home-schooled.  He by far has improved the most since the beginning of the year.  He will battle and get after the ball and will post hard and has improved on his fundamentals.  Hunter Lawburgh is our bull.  He is a physical basketball player and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  

I look for this grade to keep improving and look forward to see our record at the end of the year because I see good things happening with these kids!


[Posted: December 21, 2016]
5th and 6th Grade Round-Up

From the desk of jeff Bledsoe….

Loogootee 5th/6th win pair of games at South Knox

Loogootee raced out to a 22-3 first quarter lead against the Spartans in the A game coming away with a 54-9 victory.  Peyton Bledsoe had 17 leading a balanced attack where everybody scored.  Isaac Eagle, Jacob Tedrow and Leighton Jeffers had 7 each.

The 6th B Game was won by the 5th Grade 36-21.  Jaybe Wagoner led the team  with a season high 7 points.  


Loogootee splits with Barr-Reeve

5th Grade hosted Barr-Reeve on Saturday morning and struggled to find any rhythm only connecting on 7-36 from the field.  Despite the shooting woes they were only down 15-6 at the end of the half but could never get it going in the 2nd before falling 26-19.  Reis Whitney and Isaac Waggner led the team in scoring with 5 each.  

Loogootee 6th turned up the tempo on the Vikings starting out with a 16-2 first quarter lead and went into the half up 31-6.  With all the 5th and 6th graders playing in the 2nd half, they were able to keep up the same pace and come away with a 60-10 victory.  Peyton Bledsoe led the Lions with 21 followed closely by Isaac Eagle with 17. Conner Swartzentruber pitched in 6 on a pair of 3's.  Loogootee 5/6 next game is Jan 2nd against Jasper Middle School.   

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