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June 2016
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[Posted: June 22, 2016]
D-1 Team Camp Info

I have had several questions about D-1 team camp.  Hopefully the info below will answer your questions.  If not, please use the contact tab at the top of the page and I will do my best to answer any questions.

Departure: We will leave at 7am sharp on Saturday morning.  We will be taking a school bus and a mid-bus.  

Check-In: Check-in is 11am- 12:30 pm.  All players must fill out the form at this link prior to check-in:  http://goo.gl/forms/Wh5CEyXY9SC2r6zE3

Payment: Cost of the camp for Loogootee players is $180.  Most players have turned in a $25 deposit, or paid the entire amount.  The balance is due at check-in.  Make checks payable to D-1 Camps

Physical:  We will make copies of physicals of players who turned one in last year to participate in school sports.  If your son did not turn one on to the school last year, you will need to get physical prior to camp.  Physical forms can be picked up at the HS office.

What to Bring: Bring enough shorts, socks, t-shirts, etc to play basketball for 3 days. We will be playing as many as 5 games per day.  Fresh socks will help fight blisters. Bring your own pillow, sheets, blanket, towel, toiletries, and phone charger.  Extra money for snacks, gatorade, etc… The first meal included with camp will be Saturday evening.  The last camp meal will be Monday breakfast.

Return: Monday is “tournament day.”  Every team will play at least one game.  We are taking 5 different teams.  We will stay until the last team is eliminated.  Players are welcome to ride home with their parents.

Schedule: Schedules will be issued to the coaches on Saturday afternoon.  I will try to add those to the website Saturday evening.  Players should be ready to play their first game early Saturday afternoon.

[Posted: June 19, 2016]
Solid Week For The Lions

This past week was a busy week for the basketball program.  In total the high school basketball teams played 22 games at 3 different locations.  If my calculations are correct, it was also a  pretty successful week in terms of wins and losses.  As a program we finished the week 17-5.

The week started last Tuesday as the varsity and JV traveled to North Daviess to play Clay City and the host Cougars. I did not get a chance to see the JV play as they played in the auxillary gym, but they finished the evening 1-1.  The varsity jumped out to an early lead in the first game vs Clay City and were never really challenged.  In game 2 we played North Daviess and again jumped out to an early lead.  ND did pick up their play in what ended up being a pretty physical summer basketball game.  I don't recall the final margin of victory, but it was in double figures.  I don't want to make too much over winning a couple of summer games, as these games aren't played using the same rules in regards to length of game, free throws, fouls, etc…  Also most coaches don't use the same substitution pattern as they do during the regular season, and often times teams are missing players for one reason or another.  While we did have our full roster, Clay City and North Daviess were both missing key contributors.  With all that being said, I still was pleased with our overall performance and thought we showed some improvement over our play at Indiana Wesleyan last week.

On Wednesday and Thursday we sent a two different groups of JV and freshman players to Olney Central to play in the their shootout.  Coach Wittmer gave postitive reports on our teams' performances.  The group we sent Wednesday finished 4-0 and the group that traveled to Olney on Thursday finished 2-1. The only loss being to an Illinois team who was playing with several varsity players.

Friday morning we packed up the mini busses and headed to my almer mater, Olivet Nazarene University.  ONU is located in Bourbonais, IL which is just about an hour south of Chicago.  I have taken teams to this shootout in the past and have always found it to be a quality tournament with top-notch facilities.  I believe that we were the only Indiana team at the tournament, so it was nice to play some teams that we have not seen before. The tournament is also not divided by enrollment size, so we played a mixture of small schools, large schools, and private schools.  The JV finished the weekend 3-2 against some pretty talented JV teams.  The varsity played some of its best basketball of the summer and finished 5-1 with our only loss coming by 6 points in the championship game.

All in all it was a great week for us.  Our teams got better and we we were able to spend some time together and bond.  It has been a pretty good summer so far.  This week will be another big week for the entire program.  Tuesday we head to Hancock County Kentucky to play 5 games.  We will be taking our 7th, 8th, 9th, JV, and Varsity teams to play across the river. On Saturday we take those same teams to Fort Wayne to play in a 3-day team camp at St. Francis University.

[Posted: June 16, 2016]
Team Camp Accommodations

I have had several parents ask me if it was ok if they attend  the games at D-1 Team Camp in Fort Wayne next week.  While its not necessary for parents to go, all parents are welcome to attend. I realize thaty some parents will likey use the weekend as their own "vacation", while others might prefer to go watch a little summer basketball.  If you would like to go, we  have reserved a block of rooms at the Towneplace Suites in Fort Wayne.  Rooms are reserved for both Saturday and Sunday nights.  You don't have to stay both nights, so if staying one night works out better for you feel free to stay either Saturday or Sunday.  Room rates are $120 per night and the group reservation is under "Loogootee High School Boys Basketball."    You will need to make reservations no later than Tuesday, June 21.  The phone number is (260) 483-1160

[Posted: June 16, 2016]
Lions Headed To Kentucky

The Lions are traveling to Kentucky to play at Hancock County HS on Tuesday, June 21.  This is kind a unique trip as we will have 5 different teams playing.  The 7th and 8th grades will both be playing at  10am.  The 9th grade and JV teams will play at  11 am, and the varsity will play at 12:15 pm.  The bus leaves at 8am and will return approximately at 3 pm.  All times listed are Indiana times. 

Darren Lynam is the varsity coach at Hancock County.  I'm familiar with  Coach Lynam as we coached against each other back in the late 90's when he was at Turkey Run.  His teams were always well prepared and hard-nosed.  Hancock County should be a good test for us. They have an enrollment of 475 in the high school, which would place them solidly in 2A in Indiana.  Last year trhey finished 16-11 and only graduated 2 players.

[Posted: June 14, 2016]
Week of June 13th Schedule

Tuesday, June 14
The JV and Varsity will play at North Daviess.  The varsity will play Clay City at 7pm on the main gym, and the JV will play Clay City in the auxillary gym at the same time.  At 8pm the varsity will play North Daviess in the main gym and the JV will play North Daviess in the auxillary gym.  The bus leaves at 6 pm.

Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16
Originally we planned to send the freshmen to play at Olney Central College to play in a freshman event on Thursday, June 16.  This event has been changed to a 2 day JV shootout, so we have have decided to use a "split squad" which will have JV and Freshman players on the same team.  We will be sending a different team each day.

The Wednesday roster will be: Brandon Armstrong, Luke Callison, Sheldon Christmas, Jaycobson Wagoner, Nick Bowman, Leighton Seals, Dylan Arthur, Landon Harder, Sebastian Toy, Max Blackwell, Conner Hedrick, and Nathan Seals.  The bus leaves at 8:45am.  Game 1 is at 10:50am vs Linton B, Game 2 is at 12:30pm vs Effingham,  Game 3 is at 1:20pm vs North Clay, and Game 4 is  at 4:40 pm vs Linton A.  
Although there will be a concession stand, players are encouraged to bring their own drinks.  They should also bring money to eat lunch at Subway.

The Thursday roster will be: Brandon Armstrong, Luke Callison, Sheldon Christmas, Nick Bowman, Kolton Braun, Dylan Arthur, Christopher Jones, Nathaniel Hart, Wyatt Street, Logan Jacobs, and Alex Bowling.  The bus will leave at 8 am.  Game 1 is at 10 am vs Olney, Game 2 is at 11:40 am vs Flora, and Game 3 is at 1:20 pm vs Mt. Carmel.  There are only 3 games scheduled on day 2.  Players are encouraged to bring their own drinks and they should bring money to eat lunch at Subway.

Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18
Friday the varsity and JV Lions will travel to Olivet Nazarene University to play in a 2 day tournament.  Players should bring their own pillow, sheets, and blanket.  It will cost $15 per player to stay in the dorms.  Please pay that in cash.  Players should also bring money for meals. The Lion Backers are providing water and gatorade. The bus leaves at 10 am. 

The JV plays at 4 pm and 5:30 pm on Friday.  On Saturday the JV plays at 9:30 am,  11:45 am, and 2 pm.  The varsity plays at 4:45 pm and 7 pm on Friday.  Saturday games are slated for 10:15 am, 12:30 pm, and 2:45 pm.  If either the JV or Varsity finishes in 1st or 2nd place in their pool, we will play again at 4:30 pm.

[Posted: June 08, 2016]
JV/Varsity Indiana Wesleyan Itinerary

The varsity and JV teams will be playing in the Indiana Wesleyan Shootout on June 11th.  It will cost each player $15 (cash) to spend the night in the dorms.  Bring your own pillow, sheets, blanket.  Players should also bring money for meals.  The itinerary is listed below.

Friday, June 10
7:15- 8:45 am          Breakfast Club
8:45am-10 am         Optional weights
3:30pm-5 pm           Practice
5:45 pm                   Depart for IWU
9:00 pm                   Arrive at IWU     

Saturday, June 11
8:30 am     JV vs Fairfield                       Court 11
10:10 am    Varsity vs Indy Homeschool  Court 2
11:00 am    JV vs South Adams              Court 11
11:50 am    Varsity vs Eastbrook             Court 5
1:30 pm     JV vs Heritage Christian         Court 10
2:20 pm     Varsity vs Wabash                 Court 5
4:50 pm     JV vs Mississinewa               Court 11
4:50 pm     Varsity vs Manchester           Court 4 

[Posted: June 08, 2016]
7th Grade Schedule at Olney

Next year's 7th graders will be playing at Olney Community College in a shootout On Thursday, June 9th.  Their schedule is as follows:

Bus leaves LHS at 8:30 am.
Loogootee vs Paris Mayo  10:30am (Court 2)
Loogootee vs Paris Crestwood 11:15 am (Court 2)
Loogootee vs Raccoon 12:45 pm (Court 1)
Loogootee vs Flora 2:15 pm (Court 1)

**All times listed are Eastern time.

Players should bring money for lunch (Subway) and are encouraged to bring their own drinks.  There will be a concession stand at the gym.

[Posted: May 12, 2016]
Spring Workouts

“Basketball players are made in the off season.” Most of us have seen that saying on a t-shirt at one time or another.  I definitely think it’s true.  We had a post season meeting with our team the week after the sectional.  I mentioned to our players that we had 34 weeks until official practice started.  That’s nearly 240 days!  I asked them to envision how good they could be if they used the next 34 weeks to work on their game.  It is conceivable and certainly probable that any player in our program would significantly improve their game if they decided to dedicate themselves in the off season.  Just think about it…. If a player got in the weight room 3x a week for 34 weeks, he would record over 100 strength and conditioning sessions!  Athletically speaking, the player wouldn’t be the same next November!

Many of our guys have already made significant gains in the weight room.  We lift on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  We have a session in the morning before school for our players who are participating in a spring sport. We run and a second session after school for our guys who aren’t in a spring sport.  Most of our kids have given a great effort in these optional strength and conditional sessions.   A special thank you goes out to Jordan Hawkins for covering the morning strength and conditioning sessions for me.  His generosity with is time enables me to open up the gym in the mornings for guys who want to work on their games.

Besides our strength and conditioning sessions, we also are having a open gyms a couple of times per week.  A special thank you to Bruce Wade for running our open gyms.  He has  done a nice job organizing this and providing our guys another opportunity to play.

A new addition to  our basketball program that I’m really excited about is our middle school strength and conditioning program.  We are currently running it 2 days per week.  This is an age appropriate training program that will actually help strengthen their skeletal and muscular systems as well as their connective tissue.  The goal is to build great training habits and a solid foundation of efficient movement.  We  work on developing basic coordination through a variety of movements, drills and strength training exercises.  Our middle school athletes are learning how to run and jump properly, how to control their body in space and how to move efficiently.  


[Posted: April 19, 2016]
Body Language

A typical conversation with one of my students starts like this, “Good morning Joe.  How are you doing this morning?”  Joe replies, “I’m tired”  It’s actually quite remarkable how often this conversation occurs in the hallway and classrooms of Loogootee.  To be fair, this dialogue  is not unique to Loogootee.  It happens in schools, offices, and factories all over the country.   I often suggest to “Joe” to “fake it” for a while and he will have a better day.

 What I mean by “fake it” is to have good body language.  Motivational speaker and personal finance instructor, Tony Robbins, says that “physiology dictates your psychology.”  In other words, your body language dictates your state of mind.  I couldn’t agree more.  Not only do I agree that one’s body language can and does affects one’s attitude, I think a person’s body language affects his classmates, coworkers and teammates attitudes.  Somebody with negative body language can have a negative impact on his school, workplace, or team without saying a word.

 I believe that people fall into 1 of 2 categories.  You are either an “Energy Giver” or and “Energy Taker”.  If you want to be the type of person who breathes life into his/her school, place of work, or team, you must have great body language.  If you want to perform at your best, you must exhibit empowering body language.  I encourage our players to be cognizant of their body language so that they can be “Energy Giver.”

Here are 6 tips to exhibiting positive body language:

  1. Smile.

  2. Make eye contact.

  3. Stand or sit upright.

  4. Have open  hands when speaking to someone.

  5. Make sure your feet are pointing toward the person in which you are speaking.

  6. Avoid fidgeting.


[Posted: April 06, 2016]
Toughness Wins

I love the NCAA Tournament and I think most of America loves the NCAA Tournament.  A lot of people don’t follow college basketball all year, but once they fill out their brackets in March, they become passionate about the sport until it concludes on the first Monday in April.

Hopefully you watched this year’s championship game, because it was one for the ages.  What an exciting game!  I’ll be honest, I didn’t see Villanova play much during the season, but once I saw them play in the tournament I quickly jumped on the bandwagon.  The thing I liked about them the most was their TOUGHNESS. I’m not sure that the most talented team won on Monday night, but the TOUGHEST team certainly did.

Us coaches are always preaching toughness to our teams.  Every one of us has certain go to quotes on toughness that we share with our teams.  ESPN analyst, Jay Bilas wrote an article on toughness that should be required reading for every serious high school basketball player.  In the article, Jay gives examples of how toughness is exhibited on the court.  He later used the article as a blueprint for a book that I would also highly recommend.  Here is a link to his article:  http://www.mdbball.com/Documents/ToughnessbyJayBilas.pdf   and you can find his book “Toughness” on Amazon.

Tough players focus on two things: Attitude and Effort. I think Villanova’s players were great examples of this.  When you think about it, Attitude and Effort are really the only two things any of us can control, so why would you waste any time worrying about something else?.  Individually and collectively we often get sidetracked and veer off course when we let things outside our control become more important than Attitude and Effort. Villanova had a laser sharp focus throughout the tournament.  Nothing seem to rattle them…. Nothing seemed veer them off course.   They were a fun team to watch.  I only wish I would have jumped on the bandwagon a little sooner!


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