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Varsity Schedule
Date Opponent Time H/A Lions Opp. W/L
11/28Irvington Prep Academy7:30pmHome4633Won
11/28South Spencer7:30pmHome3453Loss
12/04Wood Memorial7:30pmHome4555Loss
12/05Vincennes Rivet7:30pmAway6958Won
12/11Forest Park7:30pmAway5870Loss
12/15South Knox7:30pmHome5844Won
12/29West WashingtonTBAAway4950Loss
12/30Springs ValleyTBAAway5671Loss
01/08North Daviess7:30pmHome3350Loss
01/29White River Valley7:30pmAway6346Won
02/09Springs Valley - POSTPONED7:30pmAway
02/16Washington Catholic7:30pmAway
02/19Northeast Dubois7:30pmHome
02/25North Knox7:30pmAway
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Coachable Players
Sunday 07 February 2016 - 12:58 pm
Catagory: Home Page

Over the course of my career I’ve encountered players who were “coachable” and I’ve also coached several players with the label that nobody wants- “uncoachable.”  One thing that I’ve found to be true, is that the players who make the most meaningful contributions to their teams are the ones who are the most coachable.  Sure there are “talented” players who can help win games from time to time.  But, a talented player who isn’t coachable ends up keeping his team from reaching its potential.  

There are many positives associated with being coachable.  A coachable player makes more meaningful contributions to his team.  He helps build better team chemistry, which fosters better team performance.   He also deals with less stress, accelerates his learning, and performs better individually.

What exactly is a coachable player?  Well,  a coachable player has a great work ethic.  He has a positive attitude, and is respectful of his coaches and teammates.  He strives to be the best player he can be, while understanding that team success comes before personal glory.  He is able to take constructive criticism and use it to improve his game.

My Top 5 Characteristics of a Coachable Player are listed below:

  1. Believes in Personal Accountability
    I see less and less of this in players today.  It seems like everyone wants to point the finger at somebody else when things don’t go their way.  Coachable players don’t see failure as being final, rather they see it as an opportunity to improve. This enables them to look within themselves for solutions instead of playing the blame game.

  1. Sees The Difference Between Criticism and Instruction
    Often times coaches will say, “Listen to what I say, how I say it.”  Even if if the message is delivered in the most polite way, It’s never easy for a hard working player to accept that there are further changes that need to be made.  Players should realize that good coaches don’t play “gotcha.”  They aren’t looking for reason to punish players.  They are looking for ways to help their players improve.

  1. Offers No Excuses… No Explanations
    Coachable players listen completely to what their coach is saying instead of interrupting him.  Even if a player keeps his mouth shut while a coach is making a teaching point, they often times are listing excuses/explanations in their head while the coach is talking.  Coachable players want to hear what the coach has to say, because they want to get better.

  1. Focuses on His Own Performance Not Others
    Coachable players focus on their own game and look at themselves instead of pointing the finger at their teammates or their coach to justify their lagging performance.  Players should realize that just because a teammate is makes a mistake, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t correct their own mistake.

  2. Communicates Effectively With His Coach
    There will  be times when the coach says something in practice that a player doesn’t understand.  When this happens, a coachable player realizes that he has just as much responsibility as the coach to take care of the misunderstanding.  A coachable player should always make sure that communication is clear.

Facilities Upgrade Coming Soon!
Wednesday 03 February 2016 - 2:20 pm
Catagory: Home Page

If you haven’t heard, or read it on Facebook, the school board approved the funds to purchase a new weight room at their most recent meeting.  This seems to be a hot topic around these parts as everyone seems to have an opinion as to whether or not we need a new weight room, or how much that weight room should cost.

Let me first state that YES we do need a new weight room.  I recall taking a tour of the facilities last spring after I had interviewed for the job, but before I accepted the position.  Towards the end of the tour I asked if we could see the weight room.  There was a unified look of terror on the group of board members and administrators who were leading my family on the tour that day.  At first they tried to change the subject, but I insisted on seeing the weight room.  Upon arrival it was immediately apparent that the group was so embarrassed by the room that they had tried to keep me from seeing it.


The room was dark, filthy, and filled with broken down, outdated equipment that looked like it was getting very little use. Quite frankly, it was disgusting.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I’ve been to many different schools over the years and without question, the weight room at LHS was hands down the worst weight room I had ever seen.

As my family and I left the weight room, the collective look of terror on our faces now mirrored the looks on the faces of our hosts. We were assured that they realized that there was an obvious deficiency, and that over time, there were plans to upgrade that part of the facilities.  While no time table was given, I felt that our hosts that day shared my concerns and that something would get done.

One of my first self appointed duties upon moving to Loogootee last May, was to clean up  the weight room and make it usable.  The school appropriately increased the size of the space by sectioning off part of basement next to the existing weight room.  We spent several hours cleaning up the space, getting rid of the unusable equipment, and rearranging the equipment that we could salvage.  What was left, was quite honestly still woefully inadequate, but I was determined to make it work the best we could until something could be done.  To our kids’ credit, they have done an admirable job of making the best of a bad situation.  Without question we are a much stronger and athletic team, than we were at the beginning of the summer.

As for some of the naysayers who think the weight room purchase was unnecessary,  too pricey, or bought just for the basketball program… let me dispel some inaccuracies that have been bantered around on these areas.

  1. The school board is working hard to improve many aspects of the Loogootee Schools.  The sale of the old East Elementary helped create funds that have been used for enhanced technology and building improvements.  Some of that money was used to purchase equipment for the new Fitness Facility while other dollars have gone to  improvements in technology.  In fact, the board has approved funding for the 1:1 initiative which will put a Chromebook in the hands of each high school student next year.

  1. The cost of the weight room is roughly $50,000.  To some that may sound pretty high, but actually we got a bargain.  We are getting a comprehensive fitness facility that will service all of our students and staff.  The equipment purchased is of high quality and will last for many years.  The same company did the weight room at Covington High School  (11 years ago) and it cost them over $70,000.  North Daviess recently spent in excess of $80,000 on their weight room also made by the same company.  In my opinion, our new space will far exceed the capabilities of either Covington or North Daviess.

  1. The new weight room will be used by all students at Loogootee High School- not just the boys basketball team.  Every boys and girls athletic team will use the space, and I’m certain that our PE classes will also start using the space as well.  At my previous school the weight room quickly became the most used space in the school- even more than the gymnasium.  Students and staff members were often using the room throughout the week from as early as 5 am to as late as 11 pm.   I expect that we will find that the new weight room will become “the place to be” and we will start seeing an overall improvement in the health and wellness of our entire school population.

When it’s all said and done, I think the new facilities upgrade will be a great asset to all of our students and staff.  I commend the school board for being progressive and working towards meeting the needs of all of our students.  Because when it’s all said and done, they are the reason we are here.

5th Grade Sweeps South Knox
Monday 01 February 2016 - 1:04 pm
Catagory: Grade 5, Home Page

From The Desk of Jeff Bledsoe....

Loogootee wins 5A/B games easily over South Knox

Loogootee hosted South Knox for an A/B game on Saturday morning and continued to play well jumping out to a 31-3 halftime lead before cruising to a 62-12 victory.  Peyton Bledsoe led Loogootee with 30 points and 8 assists.  Isaac Eagle hit for 11 including three 3 pointers and Lucas Brittain chipped in 5 points.
The 5B game was played by our 4th Grade. Just like the 5th grade, they jumped out to a quick 20-2 lead and never looked back on their way to a 42-8 victory.  Brandon Bledsoe led a balanced attack with 8 points, Reis Whitney, Isaac Waggner, Sam Graber and Conner Swartzentruber each with 6 points. Drew Walker and Leighton Jeffers with 4 and Jaybe Wagoner rounded out the scoring with 2. John Hart did not score but played great defense and Luke Lengacher had 6 rebounds to lead the team. 

5th Grade Continues to Roll
Friday 29 January 2016 - 08:47 am
Catagory: Grade 5, Home Page

From The Desk of Jeff Bledsoe...

Loogootee 5th Dominates Bloomfield 50-15

Loogootee 5th Over Bloomfield 50-15.  Despite a slow start, Lions were able to have a strong 2nd quarter to go in at the break up 26-9.   Consistent 2nd half offensively and great defensive effort allowed them to stretch out the lead and finish strong.  Peyton Bledsoe led the Lions with 24 and Lucas Brittain chipped in a season high 15.

5th Grade Rolls Over Vincennes Rivet 80-18
Due to a 4th grade tourney in Evansville, Loogootee 5th was short handed for their game against RIvet.  A quick start with excellent shooting from the young lions ended the game early with a balanced attack.  Peyton Bledsoe led with 20 points, Jacob Tedrow knocked in a season high 18 points, Isaac Eagle 18 and Lucas Brittain played well again scoring 14.
Loogootee 5th defeats Orleans 56-16
Loogootee rolled over the Bulldogs jumping out to a 20-0 first quarter lead and never looked back.  Peyton Bledsoe led the lions with 29 points and 8 assists. Isaac Eagle chipped in 9, Lucas Brittain 8 and Jacob Tedrow with 6.
Loogootee 5th Defeats Hatchets by 35
Despite a 15-15 tie at the end of the first half Loogootee came out in the 3rd and outscored the Hatchets 27-2 and 40-5 in the 2nd half to come away with another impressive home win 55-20.  Isaac Eagle led the Lions with 19 big points, Matthew Wagler and Brandon Bledsoe each chipped in 9.  Peyton Bledsoe tallied 8 points and 8 assists.

Great Players
Thursday 28 January 2016 - 12:02 am
Catagory: Home Page

Traits of Great Players

If you haven’t realized it already, I am a huge fan of Alan Stein.  In my mind he is without a doubt the foremost authority on basketball specific strength and conditioning.  He also has a great understanding of what it takes to become a great basketball player.  His knowledge of the game is vital to being able to understand how to train players so that they reach their strength and conditioning potential on the court.  The following list of traits of great basketball players originated from Alan Stein with some of my own thoughts scattered throughout.   I hope you enjoy

1.   Great players….. pursue every rebound at both ends.

2.   Great players….. sprint the floor in transitioning to offense AND defense.

3.   Great players….. are defensive stoppers.  They guard their man and help teammates.

4.   Great players….. contest all shots, bump cutters, and take charges.

5.   Great players….. don’t gamble on defense.

6.   Great players….. are strong with the ball. They catch the ball cleanly with 2 hands.

7.   Great players….. play under control and are able to play fast as well as slow.

8.   Great players….. play hard all the time, not just in games, or when they have the ball.

9.   Great players….. are coachable,  make eye contact and want constructive criticism.

10. Great players….. are great teammates.  They are “energy givers” not “energy takers.”

11. Great players….. “play present.” They focus on the process and what they can control

12. Great players….. use every practice, game, or workout to get better.

13. Great players….. are physically/mentally tough- are comfortable being uncomfortable

14. Great players….. don’t have a “weak hand.” They are skilled going both directions.

15. Great players….. love and respect the game of basketball.

16. Great players….. are willing passers and not “passers of last resort.”

17. Great players….. don’t get in foul trouble by committing stupid fouls.

18. Great players….. are students of the game.  They observe themselves and others.

19. Great players….. value every possession. They choose high percentage plays.

20. Great players….. don’t wait for practice to start…they prepare for the start of practice

21. Great players….. are competitive.  They hate losing more than they like winning.

22. Great players….. know time and score… who is in foul trouble on each team.

23. Great players….. mentally log the game. Can recall the last 3 possessions at any time.

24. Great players….. are assertive.  Welcome contact and can play through contact.

25. Great players….. thing “Next Play.”  They never dwell on mistakes.

26. Great players….. make plays not excuses.  

27. Great players….. are the first in the gym and the last to leave…. Every day.

28. Great players….. aren’t worried about exposure.  They focus on not being exposed.

29. Great players….. make their teammates better.

30. Great players….. know their legacy will be judged on the championships they win

31. Great players….. love to play the game and love to improve.

32. Great players…..are versatile and can beat you in different ways.

33. Great players….. are top notch communicators with both coaches and teammates.

34. Great players….. want the ball when the game is on the line.

35. Great players….. train with a purpose.  They are focused, intense, and progressive.

36. Great players….. give back to their program and the players of the future.

37. Great players….. are responsible for the tone and effort of the entire team.

38. Great players….. are always competing with their mind as well as their body.

39. Great players…..believe in collective responsibility.

40. Great players….. play in straight lines and cut on sharp angles.

41. Great players… playing and competing against the best players/teams.

42. Great players…..understand the importance of the details.  No detail is too small.

43. Great players…..have character. They value teammates, winning, self improvement.

44. Great players…..are never content and never complacent.

45. Great players…..never miss a workout.  They will workout anytime any place.