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Welcome To KentChezemBasketball.com
Monday 18 May 2015 - 2:43 pm
Catagory: Home Page

Welcome to KentChezemBasketball.com.  My intent is for this website to serve as a tool to promote the basketball program and players at Loogootee High School.  It will also be tool that I will use to communicate with players, parents, and supporters of Loogootee basketball.  I think it is important to note that it is my policy to only promote a positive message on this website.  One of the things I try to teach our players is that in today’s world of texting, e-mail, and social media, is that there are no “private” electronic transmissions.  I articulate to them that they shouldn’t text, e-mail, or post anything they wouldn’t put on a billboard.  I will certainly strive to be a role model in this area.

In the near future you will be able to find information on our high school summer program as well as some of our fundraisers.  It has always been my belief “basketball players are made in the summer.”  With that thought in mind, my two biggest priorities this summer are to 1.  Improve the overall strength and athleticism of our players.   2.  Improve our players’ proficiency in the fundamentals through a comprehensive player development program.  We will participate in several tournaments and summer shootouts in June.  These all have team entry fees, hence the need for the fundraisers.

Information on summer camps and open gyms will be sent home with our younger players in the near future.  Parents should be on the lookout for that information at home, but will also be able to access that information on this website.  If you are a parent of an incoming 6th, 7th, or 8th grade player you will also notice that we will be participating in some tournaments and shootouts in June just like the varsity and JV.

It has been a just over a month (April 17) since I was approved to be the new basketball coach at Loogootee High School.  Since that time I’ve made seven trips to Loogootee with another planned for later this week.  It has been a busy time trying to meet people, hire my staff, conduct open gyms, look for housing…. etc.   I have been overwhelmed by the support and excitement surrounding the basketball program.  Most of my effort during the past month has been spent trying to get a handle on where the basketball program is in all areas.  I’ve seen some weaknesses that need addressed, but I’ve been encouraged by some of the strengths on which we can build.  I can’t wait to get down there full-time next week, so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work!